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Taking out travel insurance can cover you against things that could go wrong when you’re abroad. Having travel insurance is important as it can help you out if problem.

Travel Insurance Claims

Travel Insurance Claims of us hope we never find ourselves in the position of having to make a claim on our travel insurance policy, not least because the circumstances may be very traumatic for any individuals involved. If you find yourself in the situation of making a claim the information in our …

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Travel Insurance And Medical Assistance

Travel Insurance And Medical Assistance–Travel Insurance And Medical Assistance. Just because you are abroad on holiday does not mean you will not suffer from a medical problem. Last year thousands of UK residents suffered an unexpected medical problem during their holiday abroad. What can be done? Ideally, adequate travel insurance cover should already exist. …

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Gap Year Travel Insurance

Gap Year Travel Insurance Year Travel Insurance. As more and more young people choose to either enter university or higher education, there is a strong possibility that some students will take a gap year at some point and travel abroad. There is a perception amongst older folk that most who take a year …

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TRAVEL INSURANCE, Baggage Cover As part of the Montreal Convention signed by 54 countries including the European Union and the United States which came into effect recently, people who travel either abroad or at home are entitled to claim up to £850 compensation from airlines that lose their luggage. This limit replaces the …

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Skiing Insurance, Travel Insurance For Skiing

Travel Insurance For Skiing Insurance, Travel Insurance For Skiing. Are you paying too much travel insurance for skiing trips? If so, simply find the insurer that best matches your individual profile using the Insurance Quote finder* or get an online quote direct from the top providers listed on the right. Alternatively, read our …

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Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance you a senior citizen and looking for competitive travel insurance quotes? If so, simply find the company that best matches your individual profile using the Insurance Quote finder or get an online quote direct from the top insurers listed on the right of this page. Alternatively, read our guide …

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