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Travel Insurance And Medical Assistance

Travel Insurance And Medical Assistance

GOKonten.comTravel Insurance And Medical Assistance. Just because you are abroad on holiday does not mean you will not suffer from a medical problem. Last year thousands of UK residents suffered an unexpected medical problem during their holiday abroad.

What can be done?

Ideally, adequate travel insurance cover should already exist. At the front of most travel insurance booklets there are details of emergency 24 hour help lines open 365 days a year should the worst happen. Some travel insurers also issue useful credit card style cards with useful contact numbers so these can be kept in a wallet for emergency use. Always carefully read the policy to understand the insurance company procedure especially if a serious medical emergency occurs. Most travel insurance companies will usually employ specialist travel assistance companies to work on their behalf. These companies will often employ expert bi-lingual personnel who can converse with the indigenous population.

If you are UK resident remember to take your completed E111 form on holiday especially if you are travelling to a country where you will be entitled to state emergency medical treatment because of the reciprocal health agreement between the UK and that country. Your E111 form lists the countries that apply and can be obtained from the Post Office. It is worth noting, however, that in some countries, you may be charged medical fees by the state even with your E111.

In the scenario where you don’t have travel insurance or an E111 for whatever reason and a serious medical emergency occurs there is still the option of using a travel assistance company such as CEGA Group or First Assist to help you, however, you will of course be charged fees for their services. Travel assistance companies will usually offer medical assistance, air ambulance evacuation, repatriation of deceased, repatriations by a scheduled airline service with doctor and nurse accompaniment. Non medical emergency services are also offered by these companies and may include lost personal possessions and money.

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