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Gap Year Travel Insurance

Gap Year Travel Insurance Year Travel Insurance. As more and more young people choose to either enter university or higher education, there is a strong possibility that some students will take a gap year at some point and travel abroad. There is a perception amongst older folk that most who take a year out will most likely back pack. However, this is not quite true, as some choose to work abroad for a few months or participate in charity ventures or volunteer schemes.

Regardless of the reason for travelling abroad, it is vital that adequate insurance is taken out to cover any unexpected medical problems, dental treatment, cancellation or curtailment, lost or stolen baggage, personal liability, legal expenses and missed departures.

For those who enjoy adventure sports such as parachute jumps, skydiving, mountaineering, bungee jumps, scuba diving, wind surfing, snowboarding, skiing and other similar physical activities ensure that your travel insurance covers these types of activities. All reputable travel insurance policies define hazardous activities and what is covered and what is not covered.

Gap year insurance normally covers individuals for up to one years travel. It is not uncommon for specialist insurance providers however, to specify the duration of the trip, therefore, if you think you may extend your travelling period, consider checking with your insurer to confirm you are still covered. If you need to make a claim whilst travelling, it is likely you will be required to produce original documentation substantiating your claim, therefore, consider keeping these in a safe place. If in doubt, always check with your insurance company as to what is needed.

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The good news for consumers is that the number of insurers offering gap year travel insurance schemes has increased, which means there is fierce competition amongst providers to obtain your custom!

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