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A guide to missed departure cover if your car has a breakdown

A guide to missed departure cover if your car has a breakdown the relaxation of European border controls and opening of the Channel Tunnel many of us now opt to drive our car abroad for day trips, short breaks, holidays and business travel. If you do plan to drive in a foreign country and breakdown, or are involved in an accident which results in damage to your vehicle, a standard travel insurance policy will not cover you when driving abroad.

So what am I covered for?

As a minimum it is a requirement in Europe to have a green card, which is proof that you hold adequate insurance. It’s entirely possible however that your existing car insurance policy already incorporates this into the cover. If in doubt, always check with the car insurance company to establish what you are covered for. At worst, you maybe charged a small additional premium to drive abroad. Check your breakdown insurance policy to see whether you are covered in Europe or other countries. For those who do not hold international breakdown cover for their trip, cover can usually be purchased at short notice from motoring organisations such as the RAC, AA, Direct Line, Greenflag, Norwich Union Direct or the car insurer you are insured with. Most travel insurance policies will cover missed departure as a result of a car breakdown, however, this may only apply at the point of departure to or from the UK and not holiday excursions during your holiday. If you are injured following a road traffic accident and require medical assistance, travel insurance provides medical emergency cover. In these circumstances always contact the travel medical helpline which should be listed in your travel policy at the earliest opportunity. Always read your policy to check the terms and conditions

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Fly-drive holidays to the USA are becoming increasingly popular amongst UK citizens, however, did you know that most travel insurance policies exclude car hire. Also, in the US State where you hire the car, insurance cover is sometimes limited to the legal minimum in certain US States’. Therefore, should any claim exceed the legal minimum amount, you could be held liable for the difference. Check with your tour operator or car hire company regarding the limits and if necessary consider paying an extra premium to increase the level of cover.

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