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TRAVEL INSURANCE, Baggage Cover As part of the Montreal Convention signed by 54 countries including the European Union and the United States which came into effect recently, people who travel either abroad or at home are entitled to claim up to £850 compensation from airlines that lose their luggage. This limit replaces the previous amount set by the 1929 Warsaw Convention that stated airlines had to pay travellers £14 per kilogram of lost luggage. In effect the new agreement will mean airlines have to pay three times more than previously because the baggage allowance for economy passengers is usually 20kg depending on the airline concerned. It is worth noting, however that airlines that do not belong to one of the 54 countries and fly passengers from the European Union for example to one of the countries not signed up are not covered by this agreement.

Provided the personal baggage cover option has been incorporated into your travel insurance policy, it is likely the monetary limits set are going to higher than the £850 laid down by the Montreal Convention, even allowing for the possible claim excesses if these are applicable.

However, it is worth noting that many travel insurance policies are not new for old and deductions are often made for deprecation and wear and tear. Some home insurance policies however, provide cover for possessions outside or away from the home and the level of insurance cover offered maybe new for old, therefore, it is always worth checking to see whether you are covered for lost baggage under your home insurance policy before deciding whether to incorporate personal baggage cover into your travel insurance policy.

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There will probably be single article limits applicable especially for valuables applied to either home or travel insurance policies, therefore, if you travel abroad and are wearing expensive jewellery, for example, ensure you have adequate cover by checking with your insurance company.

Remember the above details are a general guide and you must consult your insurance company regarding terms and conditions.

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