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Cheap Travel Insurance Premiums

Cheap Travel Insurance Premiums cost of travel insurance is soaring, especially for those who need to cover specific medical conditions. Online companies like those on the right can often offer competitive travel insurance because there are no costly high street premises to upkeep and commissions paid are kept to small proportions.

People are paying too much for their policies!

Recent surveys have shown that a staggering two-thirds of the 29m people who go on holiday every year from the UK still buy their travel insurance from an agent, despite it costing up to three times the price obtainable by shopping around online.

Hints and tips on how to get suitable cover;

1. Shop around and carefully compare the cheap travel insurance cover that’s on offer.

2. Don’t go straight for the first cheap quote. Assess the benefits package of each policy. Cover that includes children for free can make a big difference.

It’s difficult to see past a cheap premium but it’s important to remember that cheap travel insurance isn’t as comprehensive as more expensive products – and in many cases, there’s only a few pounds’ difference between the cheapest and the most comprehensive services, remember you are buying peace of mind!

3. Make sure the excess that applies for each travel insurance quote is comparable.

4. Know what risks such as hazardous activities you want your policy to cover and check that the quote meets your requirements. It’s important to think carefully about the travel insurance cover you need for your trip: for example, do you need baggage cover? Its possible that baggage cover is already included with your existing home contents policy? Do you need compensation for delays? If you do, then buying a cheap travel insurance policy for the sake of it may turn out to be a false economy. Read the small print carefully.

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5. On specialist or activity holidays such as snowboarding, skiing, paragliding and trekking; make sure the travel insurance policy will cover you as insuring companies have different opinions as to what constitutes a dangerous activity.

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