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Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance you a senior citizen and looking for competitive travel insurance quotes? If so, simply find the company that best matches your individual profile using the Insurance Quote finder or get an online quote direct from the top insurers listed on the right of this page.

Alternatively, read our guide below for senior citizens on what you need to know regarding travelling and getting insured.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

With increasing numbers of the older population taking advantage of low cost travel and an ever growing list of holiday destinations around the world, the demand for suitable travel insurance products for senior citizen’s has never been higher.

Financial services organisations such as Saga and Insure and Go have responded to this demand by offering specialist annual and single trip insurance policies that cater for the over 50’s. Saga realising that some of their customers stay for relatively long periods abroad with relatives or friends for instance will cover policyholders for up to 90 days for any one trip. There are of course many other insurers who offer travel insurance products on a one-size fits all basis, however, some of these providers refuse to cover senior citizens who may be 65 or 75, therefore, always consider checking with the insurance company first to establish whether such a policy would allow you to apply.

Assuming you are eligible to get a quotation, it’s entirely possible as a senior citizen you may have a medical condition. For many insurance companies this is not a problem, provided you declare the medical condition at the time of purchase. The process normally consists of you speaking to the insurer’s medical screening helpline. Assuming that your pre-existing condition has been declared, the insurer will either cover the medical condition free of charge, cover the condition for an additional premium, or exclude this condition from the cover altogether. If you find certain medical conditions are excluded from cover, consider trying other travel insurance companies who may be willing to insure a senior citizen. The key point to remember is that any material facts must be declared to the insurance company at the time of purchase and an existing medical condition is a material fact. Citizen Travel Insurance

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