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Single Trip Travel Insurance

Single Trip Travel Insurance you paying too much travel insurance for a single trip? If so, simply find the company that best matches your individual profile using the Insurance Quote finder or get an online quote direct from the top insurers listed on the right of this page.

Alternatively, read our guide below concerning what you need to know regarding travel insurance for single trips.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

If you don’t think you’ll be doing much travelling in next twelve months, then single trip travel insurance is likely to offer the best value for money. It doesn’t make sense to buy an annual travel policy if you’re only going away for a single trip during the year.

There are many places willing to sell you this single trip cover, not least your travel agent. Before buying this insurance consider obtaining quotes from a variety of sources including online companies. Although price is important, remember to compare the levels of insurance cover offered to determine what the best option is. For example, some of the cheapest travel insurance quotes for single trips exclude cover for your personal belongings and money and don’t necessarily provide compensation for travel delays or missed departure. If cover levels are comparable between companies check to see what the claims excess amounts would be in the event of a claim. You maybe surprised to learn that excess amounts can vary substantially.

If you’re shopping for single trip travel insurance for a family holiday it pays to shop around. While infants are insured for free by most companies, the age at which older children can be included for free varies. With some insurance policies, anyone over 16 is considered an adult and may cost more to insure. Alternative providers may, however, insure children for free until they’re 23 provided they’re in full time education.

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