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Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Multi Trip Travel Insurance you travelling frequently and require multi trip travel insurance? If so, simply find the company that best matches your individual profile using the Insurance Quote finder or get an online quote direct from the top insurers listed on the right of this page.

Alternatively, read our guide below regarding travel what you need to know about getting insured for multitrips.

Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Many years ago, it was normal for most families to take just one holiday a year. How times have changed! Better living standards combined with cheap accessible travel have resulted in many of us taking more and more frequent trips.

To cope with this relatively new phenomena, travel insurers have developed suitable multi trip insurance products to meet consumer demand.

As with all types of insurance, terms and conditions will apply. Most multi trip policies specify the number of days you are covered for any one trip. For instance, the policy may cover you up to 30 days, 60 days or 90 days for any one trip to and from the United Kingdom. Therefore, if you are planning for a long stay in a foreign country, ensure you have adequate cover. Similarly, day trips abroad for booze cruises may not be covered and a trip abroad could be classed as staying in accommodation for at least one or two nights.

For those who like to travel to a variety of countries in one holiday, some policies may exclude certain countries such as Algeria, Israel, Lebanon, Libya or even continents such as North America or Asia.

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If you are fortunate enough to enjoy a winter sports holiday once a year, consider checking whether your multi trip travel insurance provides sufficient coverage. Some policies will automatically cover such trips, however, additional terms and conditions may apply that could include the length of stay and the type of activity. For instance many policies exclude skiing off piste due to the risks involved.

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