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Annual Travel Insurance

Annual Travel Insurance you paying too much for annual travel insurance? If so, simply find the company for annual travel insurance that best matches your individual profile using the “finder” or get an online quote direct from the top companies listed on the right of this page.

Alternatively, read our guide below concerning what you need to know regarding insurance for annual travel.

Annual Travel Insurance

It used to be the case that many people travelled only once a year, however, cheap travel costs combined with increased leisure time for some has meant many people travel more frequently at home and abroad throughout the year.

Opting for an annual policy means you don’t need to worry about taking out a travel insurance policy before you go away, especially if the trip is booked at short notice. The flexibility of an annual policy is one of the many reasons more and more people are switching away from single trip policies.

Annual travel insurance cover can save you money if you take one main holiday a year and just a couple of weekend trips away. If the main holiday or short break is in the UK, check the policy terms and conditions as some companies insist that the duration must be for at least 2 or 3 days and the accommodation must have been booked in advance.

With most annual travel insurance policies there is no limit on the amount of trips you make in the year although you will probably find a maximum duration for any one trip as part of the conditions. Many policies operate a trip limit of 30 days for any one trip, however, some insurers will extend this for an additional premium.

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Many annual travel insurance policies provide free cover for children (ages considered as children may vary dependant on the insuring company). Some annual travel

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