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New procedure for car and motorcycle insurance Certificate

New procedure for car and motorcycle insurance Certificate work begins on the beginning of the next of July with a certificate of adhesive insurance on the crystals of cars and motorcycles in order to ensure that vehicles, cars and bicycles are insured, as announced by the Executive director of the Tunisian University of insurance companies Kamal Shibani.
In a dialogue, he stated that, pursuant to the decision of the Minister of Finance on 13 December 2021 to adjust the form and content of the insurance certificate, 6 months had been established for the certification of the adhesive insurance Certificate.

He explained that the adhesive insurance certificate will be installed at the bottom right corner of the windscreen and prominently visible for motorcycles and will facilitate the work of the competent authorities in the control of cars and Bicycles.

This certificate shall include the date of the certificate of insurance, the mining number of the vehicle or the chassis number of the motorcycles not subject to the registration process and the number of the insurance certificate, which is provided as free of charge upon subscription or renewal of the insurance Contract.

The Arabic-language Adhesive Insurance certificate is also released on pink paper in the same color as the Speaker’s insurance contract.

In recent years, it has been noted that a number of car owners had become more likely to secure their car in the range of 10 percent of the total of 1 million and 900 cars in tunisia, confirmed by car accidents that resulted in physical and material damage.
The outbreak of fraud was also triggered by the deliberate falsification of insurance certificates by some people, which were also disclosed when there were accidents that caused damage and realized that the car was not insured.
In a related context, it was stated that the adhesive insurance certificate bore all the specifications of safety in a manner that were not falsified or otherwise, with a distinctive pink color and Visibility.

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The insurance companies were informed to learn in turn and the university intends to organize an awareness campaign in Ramadan to introduce the certificate of adhesive insurance as well as the adoption of helmet for motorcycles and safety Belt.
In this context, it’s likely that in the coming period, an order or decision will be issued on Ajbari to put the seat belt in the urban areas and to wear the helmet for motorcycle drivers, since it’s a total of 1 million and 200,000 bikes more than 80% of the owners do Not carry the Helmet.

The executive director of the Tunisian University for insurance companies has warned that traffic accidents is worsening in tunisia, with the number of fasers, which last year reached 1505 fatal accidents, and that the number of wounded exceeded 21,000, making Tunisia ranked 50 globally in terms of the percentage of deaths caused by traffic accidents.

He also has pointed out that the study of the world Health Organization (who) showed that by 2030, it will be the second cause of the World’s causes due to road Accidents.

He highlighted that the losses of MUSSAT insurance for car accidents and traffic in 2014 were estimated at 39 years of technical losses and compensation of more than 500, 50 per cent of which were for physical damage Compensation.

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