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Algerian car insurance in Tunisia

Algerian car insurance in Tunisia

Algerian car insurance in Tunisia with JD 2,000

GOKONTEN.COM-SAA provides an alternative car to the customer if the damage period exceeds 3 days, the Algerians travelling to Tunisia through their vehicles, whether in the framework of tourist trips, therapeutic trips or family visits throughout the year, will benefit from discounts and new insurance services on their cars, consisting in the maintenance of their cars and towing them in the has been damaged in the Tunisian territory free of charge and without the payment of any centimes there, this offer is dedicated to the owners of the insured vehicles of the Algerian insurance company or wishing to obtain this insurance contract for an estimated financial value of 2400 dinars.
The SAA has launched its new service in exchange for an increase in the value of the first contract valued at 1700 ridge for its insurers, and for its uninsured customers who wish to avail of this service, they will pay an increase of 2400 dinars on the additional contract that provides The Service.

This insurance will be available at the level of all POS and the more than 500 agencies at the national level, providing assistance, traction and towing to the owners of insured cars, in case of damage, traffic accident, fire or theft of car during the presence of the insured at all points level With Tunisian Soil.

As confirmed by the director of the automobile insurance authority, Hamza said, The National Insurance company Saa, has launched its new service to the believers heading towards tunisia, in partnership with both the company «inter partner Estans Algeria» and the Central Reinsurance company Ccr.

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The same official stressed that this service will provide the possibility of towing cars and towing to the place of repair in the event of a traffic accident or mechanical damage, with the possibility of taking advantage of an alternative vehicle if the insured car need to be repaired in the order of more than 3 days, where the company takes all Services.

Insured customers can also take advantage of transportation services to the Algerian border if their vehicles are stolen, as well as provide assistance for all necessary administrative procedures.

In a related context, saïss nasser, The general manager of the National Insurance company, said that the number of vehicles insured in the interests of his company is 320,000, including 121 thousand vehicles departing annually towards the Tunisian territory, which made the national company to launch this service especially with the possibility of providing other customers N non-believers Have.

Especially since the number of Algerians who visit Tunisia annually is estimated at about 2 million tourists annually, which confirms that the insurance market for Algerians abroad is a successful market par excellence.

The same spokesman also disclosed that the Algerian insurance company had achieved a business number of approximately 2,700 billion centimes in 2017, equivalent to 22% of the national market from the Algerian insurance market, and achieved a net profit of 300 billion centimes during the same year.

Its capital is adjacent to 3500 billion centimes, and during 2017, 1500 billion worth of insured customers were compensated under the Company’s vehicle insurance Branch.

The National Insurance company, according to its chief officer, intends to expand its investments in several sectors, such as health, Insurance for industrial enterprises and the hydrocarbon Sector.

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In a related context, the President assured the Director general of the Algerian insurance company that his company, in coordination with public insurance companies, is planning to set up an Algerian accident experience complex, where he will conduct expertise in the aircraft insurance market, and other expertise and markets that require foreign expertise.

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