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Car insurance... Control document Insurance!!

Control document Insurance!!

Hidden conditions ignorant citizens make insurers evade compensation

GOKONTEN.COM-Many of the cases in which citizens find themselves segregated from financial costs and expenses, and they believe that the insurance company Bears it, and ensures its performance before they waking up a nightmare, once the director of the insurance agency has renounced the performance of compensation fees or at best, the insured is required to perform compensation from Pocket until a review and examination of the contract between the parties, with a promise of deferred payment, remains suspended for months at Best.

Cases in which the insurance policy is almost transformed into just a document that can only be provided during observation patrols on the ROAD.

While civil liability, for which insurance is compulsory, represents the Lion’s share of the transaction number of insurance activities, in all cases it does not guarantee compensation for damage despite proven liability, which should protect the insured against possible losses and damages to others, The law of civil liability is the obligation of a person to compensate for harm caused to others, whether or not the obligation is specified in the text or Unspecified.

The possibilities of not benefiting from compensation and ensuring that companies competent to secure the cost of accidents are, in many cases, included, even while many insurance agents authorize the insurance companies to certify a direct compensation agreement, which guarantees the insured direct compensation, in order to avoid procedures Courts.

Possibilities of making this type of dispute in the list of complaints filed with consumer protection associations, which emphasizes the need to review the terms of the contract, which remain vague for many citizens, and open the door wide to the insurers, to exploit every loophole that enables them to evade performance or reduce Compensation by “rule of law”.

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In the same vein, Mohammed al-arabi, Vice president of the Moroccan Society for Consumer Protection and guidance, explained that the origin of the problem is that civil liability is complex in the law of contracts and obligations, as well as the weak culture of insurance and how to deal with its products.

Although Al-arabi warned, in a statement to al-sabah, that the contract is often clear, and his “language” is understandable to insurance agencies, The citizen is the weakest link, because he is unaware of details that have the specific role in the performance of compensation or not, and the insurance companies do not bother to explain things and what they entail.

In a related context, the Vice-President of the Assembly stressed that it was not sufficient to secure civil liability, which was obligatory in nature, to compensate the aggrieved person, but that there were many cases that only fell within the scope of “all damage insurance”, afterthought that the other was not sufficient in many cases, requiring seniority insurance, which Her absence can drop compensation, to conclude that all these forms will cease when the citizen is able to know his/her rights and duties and has a precise interpretation of all the terms of the Contract.

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